Album Review: Earth Minor “Gets It Right”


Thanks to Jennifer Waite of for this excellent review of our new album, “Across The Atlantic In Record Time.”  Check it out below and download the album this Tuesday, January 27 on our Downloads page!

Each track offers something a little different than the last, but certain basic elements can be heard throughout: Young’s deep, resonant vocals; just the right dash of synth and keyboards to round out the solid guitar, bass and drum work; and – perhaps most importantly – lyrics that anyone who has ever loved, lost, or doubted themselves can appreciate. Straight from the opening track, “Traffic Light,” the mood of this album is laid bare: mature but energetic; haunting but not brooding; eclectic but polished. This is no cookie-cutter pop album, though pop and progressive elements shine throughout this rock offering. This is perhaps most evident on the album’s second track, “Wake Up Call.” It’s a catchy, almost infectious electro-rock-pop fusion, and it works.”

 – Jennifer Waite,


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